Digital Communications Organizer Intern

Digital Communications Organizer Intern at Vote 4 Dreams Campaign

Title:  Digital Communications Organizer Intern (non-paid internship). 

There are close to 800,000 young people at risk of getting deported if Congress doesn’t vote on a permanent solution. Starting on March 6, 2018 1,400 dreamers may be deported EVERY DAY. That is over 500,000 people by the end of 2018. Every week U.S. employers will have to terminate 6,914 DACA employees at a weekly cost of $61 million. The window of opportunity for a vote to protect undocumented youth from deportation through a dream legislation is before December as the urgency for legislation will decrease with February primaries. We need to move moderate Republicans and engage business leaders to push for a vote on dream legislation. We have a nine state strategy and national partnerships to get to CEOs and citizens alike, and we are confident that our operations plan will yield results and save the lives and livelihoods of all dreamers.

The Digital Communications Organizer is responsible for the development and implementation of online organizing for the Vote 4 Dreams Campaign.  This position will work on online and offline organizing campaigns targeting members and the general public to build communities of interest within DACA beneficiaries and conservative allies.


  • Work with Communications Lead to develop and implement a digital organizing campaign in support of dreamers;
  • Assist in the identification of “middle America” audience and conservative people who support dreamers;
  • Execute effective on-the-ground and online campaigns that broaden and deepen activism and engagement among members with the campaign;
  • Use social media, email, online advertisement and other digital tools to develop online to offline campaign;
  • Conduct research on issues as needed;
  • Work with the organizing and legislative team to amplify message and obtain more online and in-the ground support;
  • Work with the organizing team to help develop spokespeople;
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Two to three years of experience with campaign execution in volunteer outreach and development, and/or volunteer organizing;
  • Strong project management and organizational skills;
  • Excellent written and verbal communications and presentation skills;
  • Strong inter-personal and relationship abilities;
  • Familiarity with immigrants’ movement is a plus;
  • Media experience desired;
  • Proficiency in word processing, e-mail programs, and Internet-based communications required. Knowledge of square space and social media platforms desired.


  • Washington, DC

Position Type:

  • Six-week Campaign Non-Paid Internship

If interested, send an email including your resume & cover letter to

Reyna Montoya