Logistics Coordinator Intern

Logistics Coordinator Intern at Vote 4 Dreams Campaign

Title:  Logistics Coordinator Intern (non-paid internship). 

There are close to 800,000 young people at risk of getting deported if Congress doesn’t vote on a permanent solution. Starting on March 6, 2018 1,400 dreamers may be deported EVERY DAY. That is over 500,000 people by the end of 2018. Every week U.S. employers will have to terminate 6,914 DACA employees at a weekly cost of $61 million. The window of opportunity for a vote to protect undocumented youth from deportation through a dream legislation is before December as the urgency for legislation will decrease with February primaries. We need to move moderate Republicans and engage business leaders to push for a vote on dream legislation. We have a nine state strategy and national partnerships to get to CEOs and citizens alike, and we are confident that our operations plan will yield results and save the lives and livelihoods of all dreamers.

Internship Outline

  • The Logistics Coordinator will work closely with the organizers to coordinate in-kind donations for trips to Washington D.C. from key states.
  • The Logistics coordinator will be in a campaign that embodies a deep commitment to
  • community engagement and grassroots political campaigning around the DACA and dreamer population.
  • The campaign will essentially involve the mobilization of up to 200 people from key states to D.C.
  • The ideal candidate for will be organized, creative, and highly motivated. They will
  • be well presented, well spoken and confident in presenting the campaign’s goals to
  • partners, externals and the general public. They must be able to form meaningful
  • partnerships with community organizations and work well within a team.
  • Key Performance


Work towards obtaining in-kind housing in Washington D.C. for up to 200 people.  

Organization of transport and accommodation for the campaign at minimal cost.

Strength of relationships formed with community and grassroots organizations to obtain in-kind donations for transportation, housing, and food.

Coordinate food & housing for at least 200 people.

Characteristics and skills required.

It is essential that the Logistics Coordinator has:

  • initiative and drive;
  • dedication and strong, hard work ethic;
  • excellent interpersonal, and written and verbal communication skills;
  • willingness to take personal responsibility and use initiative to solve problems;
  • excellent personal organization, time management, reliability and efficiency;
  • passion for the cause;
  • ability to relate to people on a personal level and forge strong professional relationships; and It would be beneficial for candidates to have:
  • knowledge on Dream Act and Immigration politics/policies; and experience in event coordination.

What you will gain:

• Experience implementing and designing intelligent, ground-breaking campaigns

• The opportunity to work with experts in the field

• Significant opportunities for personal development in a range of fields

• Enjoyment and a group of like-minded friends and colleagues


  • Washington, DC

Position Type:

  • Six-week Campaign Non-Paid Internship 



Reyna Montoya